Weekly Writing Challenge 03/24/2021


I know where I want this story to end, and I believe I have a plausible ending figured out, but we’ll see. I do know this will by its nature be a short one. I managed another 409 words and I estimate the story will come in at a little over 1200 words. So next week should be the last segment.

I’d spend my nights dreaming about what could have been. One day Simon’s wife showed up along with their son and my dreams drifted into more erotic territory as I imagined what I’d like to do to her. She was a short little blond with a heart shaped face, full red lips and a pert little nose turned up a little at the tip. She wore a tight-fitting dress that accentuated her curves and fueled my fantasies as I imagined what it might be like to unwrap that present.  

It was Simon’s birthday and she had come to surprise him. Some of us on the line caught a glimpse of her in the hallway that led to the break room. Several of the less couth offered up lewd suggestions of what they’d like to do to her. Going into more detail than was necessary and it made me just a bit uncomfortable. She deserved better than that. Hell, she deserved better than Simon. Were she my wife I’d never let her near this place. But Simon took the comments in stride, and I believe he was a little proud of the fact her presence had elicited such a response. It was sad really. The only way he could earn respect was by letting those on the line talk about he woman he was supposed to love.

There was no love there, and that would be my way in. Get Simon out of the way. It wouldn’t be too hard to stage an accident on the line. Wait till he was distracted and knock him into the rails that carried the work to us. The line didn’t stop for anything, and it wouldn’t stop for him. The more I thought about my plan the more it looked like it would work without a hitch. But it was these thoughts that proved to be my downfall. I became so focused on getting rid of Simon my work started to suffer. My dimes were not as nice as they once were, and I was leaving small gaps I my welds.

It wasn’t long before they pulled me from the line, and I had to endure my first ever quality interview as they tried to figure out what was wrong with me. I could have told them easy enough what was wrong, but they wouldn’t have listened. The inspectors have only one thing on their mind, getting the line moving as it should.

To be continued!

Have you read All Roads Lead to Terror?

Book 1 This Lawless Land

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Battling their way through treacherous terrain and immeasurable odds, the boys must learn to lean on each other if they hope to survive. Little do they know fate has far greater plans for them. For they represent the trinity, a symbol older than time itself, that keeps the darkness at bay.

They are three, bound by a fourth, destined to save mankind.

With time running out, and the cloak of eternal night descending, can the boys find a way to turn the tables on evil?

Or will they be the next to join the growing legion of the dead?

You can check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016MLXM32

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