This Lawless Land


Coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world.

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In a chaotic, post-apocalyptic world, an endless night is closing in, and only the strong will survive. In the midst of the turmoil, fourteen-year-old Meat, and his three closest friends, embark on a mission to rescue kidnapped children from the compound enslaving them. 

Battling their way through treacherous terrain and immeasurable odds, the boys must learn to lean on each other if they hope to survive.  Little do they know fate has far greater plans for them. For they represent the trinity, a symbol older than time itself, that keeps the darkness at bay. 

They are three, bound by a fourth, destined to save mankind. 

With time running out, and the cloak of eternal night descending, can the boys find a way to turn the tables on evil? 

Or will they be the next to join the growing legion of the dead?

All Roads Lead to Terror

Coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world

Four boys come together in a friendship destined to save the worlds of the multi-verse. They are three bound by a fourth, but first they must overcome their own differences, and learn to work as one if they hope to succeed. In the dead city of Richmond they are confronted by a cult of feral children who worship a creature of the night.

The Reaping Season

Coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Bryn Mawr, Window is bitten and infected by a reaper. They set out in search of the reaper master to save their friend. Along the way they witness the brutality of a world that has moved beyond caring. In the nation’s capitol they confront the reaper horde and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes when the reaper master flees into the multi-verse.

Legion of the Damned

Coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world.

After trekking across the desert world of Nechos in pursuit of the reaper master they return to their own world. Billie-Bob is captured by a group of cannibals and his friends set out to rescue him. Along the way they gather an army of children who will inflict their vengeance upon the inhabitants of Paradise where Billie-Bob is being held.

A Call to Arms

Coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world.