New This Week 01/10/2022


Captives and Prisoners: a Jen Rice novel – Shannon L Mayer

Synopsis: When Jen Rice witnesses the murder of a werewolf, she wants the culprits brought to justice. Soon, she discovers that people she thought she could trust will turn on her and allies can be found in the most surprising of places. When a demon-possessed psychic targets her for assassination, she must find a way to thwart his scheme before falling to his traps. Not only that, but the psychic isn’t the only demon-infested being with Jen in his sights.

It seems like everywhere she turns; danger waits in the shadows for a taste of her blood. With the help of her brother Patrick and Troy, her half-werewolf friend, she discovers that treacherous waters run deep and she will have to be fast on her feet if she wants to survive.

In a world where werewolves, vampires, and poltergeists are common, sometimes just being human can be the biggest challenge of all. 

Paused : Stephanie Ellis

Synopsis: People are stopping, bodies halting regardless of situation or location. They are still alive but completely unresponsive, vulnerable statues utterly at the mercy of their environment. Unable to run from fire, some burn. Unable to return to shore, some drown. Unable to move from the path of a truck, some are crushed. Nor are you safe at home—unable to move, you starve.

Dr Alex Griffiths heads a research department in a university hospital. As more and more succumb to this strange affliction—including his own family—it becomes a race against time for his team to find an answer before they too are affected.

The Haunting of Bridge Manor : Marc Layton

Synopsis: A mysterious manor, a dark history of death, and a young woman who must unravel the secrets… or die.

Rachel wants to start over and heal after a devastating injury. When her parents buy a creepy old manor on a lake, she’s wary at best. The home gives her the creeps and the neighbors seem to think the place is haunted. But ghosts aren’t real, right?

When strange things start happening, Rachel becomes determined to uncover the truth. What really happened at Bridge Manor?

The home’s brutal and twisted past only disturbs the girl further and inexplicable events begin to make her wonder if there’s truth behind the rumors. One thing’s for sure; there’s something very, very wrong with Bridge Manor. Is the apparition of the Lady on the Lake Rachel sees just a dream? Or are ghosts, in fact, real? Rachel must uncover the truth… before it’s too late.

This Way to Heaven

What secrets lie behind the door to room 19 in the basement?

Follow this link to find out, a Kindle Vella story. This Way to Heaven