Kindle Vella


I’ve dipped my toe into the Kindle Vella pool.

For those who have never heard of it, in a nutshell, Kindle Vella provides serialized stories to readers. Chapters are called episodes and a collection of episodes can be combined into a season, or a book.

The first three episodes of a season are free. Tokens can be used to purchase access to additional episodes. From what I’ve seen the cost of an episodes is tied to the word count. So an 1800 word episode would typically cost 18 tokens to access. Two bucks will get you 200 tokens. 5 bucks will get you 525, and so on up to 1700 tokens for 15 bucks.

In the first book of my post apocalyptic series This Lawless Land, Meat and his friends are captured by a cult of children who worship a creature that lives in the basement of their apartment building. I’ve always wanted to explore that group further, to delve into the events and motivations that brought them to that point in their life. But to do so in a single book would not be feasible. I played with the idea, even went so far as to start writing the book, but began to realize as I passed the 25,000 word point, that it was going to take more than one book to do the story justice. I wanted to start getting the story out there. I even considered posting a chapter a week here, but realized that wouldn’t be feasible. Then along came Kindle Vella

I’ve posted the first nine episodes of This Way to Heaven, with plans to post a new episode every week. Each episode will be between 1500 to 200 words. I hope you’ll follow along on this new journey. For those of you looking for book 5 of This Lawless Land, I’m working on it. I’m so sorry for the delay, but the past two years have been sort of weird for all involved and though I had all this time to work, I couldn’t seem to get focused on anything until lately.

Anyway, here’s the link to my Kindle Vella story, This Way to Heaven. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am writing it.