New This Week 02/07/2022


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Ghost of a Marriage: Richard Dansky

Synopsis: There’s something in Gary’s house that doesn’t want him there.

Ever since his marriage fell apart, he’s been seeing things, things that everyone keeps on telling him aren’t there.

But Gary’s not just seeing things, and soon it’s more than his peace of mind that’s at stake—it’s his life.

Something in the Groove: Glenn Rolfe

Synopsis: Lee, an urban shaman, gets tasked with tracking down a vinyl copy of the Dark Light EP by the ’80s hard rock band, Bad Obsession. The extremely rare record is said to be cursed. Nearly every copy of the album burned in a fire at Tower Records in Los Angeles the day of its release. With only one remaining member of the band alive and living in a home for those battling Alzheimer’s, Lee must return to Maine, a place where he’s battled evil forces before, and see if he can retrieve the album.

Living her life on autopilot and working in an economy motel, Rhiannon is visited by a dark force she’s not felt in years. The evil is familiar but not quite what she remembered. This is something else. In over her head, she calls out for Lee, hoping her old friend can hear her.

Brought back together by a force beyond anything either has dealt with prior, Lee and Rhiannon must combat powers beyond their realm. The Master wants to come through, and should someone spin the crimson vinyl, that’s just what he’ll do. A portal is about to open, and the world is about to learn the true meaning of pain.

Something in the Groove is calling… Can you hear it?

The Airplane Haunting: Carrie Bates

Synopsis: Stay off of Flight 161.

Something bad happened on Flight 161 many years ago. Something that Tara is not aware of, and the flight from Chicago to Las Vegas is never a smooth one. Mechanical issues mysteriously appear, people mysteriously vanish on board, and passengers experience terror each time they board.

When Tara and pilot Parker uncover the evil that is terrorizing the plane, they must find a way to stop it before their, and their passengers’, lives are ended, and Flight 161 will go down in another horrid history.

This Way to Heaven

As if their lives weren’t already hard enough, a zombie apocalypse has changed the world of four boys living on the hard edge of life. Trapped in the apartment building where they live, they will be forced to put aside their innocent ways and embrace the darkness that lives within all of us, if they hope to survive. They quickly learn the walking dead are the least of their worries as rivalries boil to the surface within their small group.

As if that wasn’t bad enough they find out the basement is haunted by the ghosts of the past and a creature with a need to feed on their fear. Trapped between the terrors outside, and the fear within, their only hope lies behind a solitary door in the basement that seems to offer refuge.

But how high is the price to pass through?

This Way to Heaven

Kindle Vella, stories told one episode at a time. Read the first three episodes for free. Get 200 free tokens when you sign up.

Fridays 5 02/04/2022


This week the authors answer the question: “If you could ask any author, living or dead, one question, who would you ask? And what would you ask them?”

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Craig Saunders

A: Joe Hill…when’s the next book coming out!? haha – I love Joe Hill, since reading Heart Shaped Box.

Bio: Craig Saunders lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and three children, who he pretends to listen to while making up stories in his head. He has published more than two dozen short stories, and is the author of the novels Rain, Spiggot, and The Love of the Dead. Craig publishes science fiction with Severed Press. He also publishes novels independently under the Dark Fable Books/Fable Books labels and considers himself a hybrid author.

Scott Nicholson

A: I’d like to ask Mark Twain what he thinks of the 21st Century. I am sure he’d have a grand time making sport of Facebook!

Bio: Scott haphazardly trades words for magic beans and uses “haphazardly” as often as possible while decrying the overuse of adverbs. He had 105 rejections before his first story sale and over 400 before he sold a novel. He hasn’t learned much from his mistakes but thinks he’ll probably improve with practice. If nothing else, he’s become a better liar.

Rick Hatuala

A: I’d ask Shakespeare not where he got his ideas, but how he developed them … or I’d ask Hawthorne why he seemed to be depressed all the time.

Bio: Rick arrived on the horror scene in 1980 with many of his early novels published by Zebra books. He wrote and published over 90 novels and short stories from the early 1980s on. In 2011 the Horror Writers Association awarded Rick and Joe R. Lansdale the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement. Sadly, on March 21 of 2013 we lost Rick to a heart attack. For me personally he was a writer who was always willing to help those of us starting out, and though I never met him personally I counted him among my friends.

William F Nolan

A: Bradbury said that he wanted to be buried on Mars in a Campbell soup can in the “Bradbury Abyss”. I’d ask Ray if he found his way home to Mars.

Bio: William writes stories in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. He is best known for coauthoring the novel Logan’s Run, with George Clayton Johnson. He co-wrote the screenplay for the 1976 horror film Burnt Offerings which starred Karen Black and Bette Davis.

Among his many awards, he was voted a Living Legend in Dark Fantasy by the International Horror Guild in 2002. During 2006, he was bestowed the honorary title of Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. In 2010, he received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Horror Writers Association. The world lost William in July of 2021.

Peter Servido

A: Tolkien. I would want to know his inspiration for his world, creatures, and languages he created in Middle-Earth in his own works. And of course, I would also need to know if a hotdog is a sandwich?

Bio: Peter Servidio is a life-long learner with a passion for writing and is the author of the Earth Has Fallen series. After a childhood filled with reading books by Tolkien, Hubbard, Greenwood, Matheson, and Salvatore, Servidio has brought his imagination to life in his writings. His interests range from post-apocalyptic and dystopian worlds, to dabbling in crime novels and the metaphysical.

Having earned his doctorate from St. Thomas University, Servidio works as a College and Correspondence Coordinator for the Maine Department of Corrections as well as teachers part time at the University of Maine at Augusta. 

All Roads Lead to Terror

In a chaotic, post-apocalyptic world, an endless night is closing in, and only the strong will survive. In the midst of the turmoil, fourteen-year-old Meat, and his three closest friends, embark on a mission to rescue kidnapped children from the compound enslaving them.

Battling their way through treacherous terrain and immeasurable odds, the boys must learn to lean on each other if they hope to survive. Little do they know fate has far greater plans for them. For they represent the trinity, a symbol older than time itself, that keeps the darkness at bay.

They are three, bound by a fourth, destined to save mankind.

With time running out, and the cloak of eternal night descending, can the boys find a way to turn the tables on evil?

Or will they be the next to join the growing legion of the dead?

All Roads Lead to Terror

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New This Week 01/31/2022


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Bandun Gate : Miriam Van Scott

Synopsis: Ghosts and demons are very different creatures, but sometimes they keep company…

When I wrote a book about Hell, I never dreamed the demons would come after me.

Now, two decades later, dark spirits I had unwittingly riled have descended on Charleston, South Carolina, intent on revenge. Led by the malignant spirit of an executed murderess, the unholy alliance has set its sights on my only daughter, Abby.

Will help from an exorcist, a former cult member, a root doctor, and other preternatural sources be enough to stop the evil? Or will saving my family require a blood sacrifice?

Ghost Tours – Fact or Fiction : Erica Jackson

Synopsis: Married podcasters Bill and Darcy Robertson investigate haunted locations around the U.S. to discover if the supernatural is as real as the air they breathe. During their visit to Charleston, S.C., the couple gets more than they bargained for…

Cracked Sky : Ben Eads

Synopsis: Reeling from the loss of their only child, Stephen and Shelley Morrison take a harrowing journey through a world beyond the crack in the sky, where their daughter’s spirit is trapped with The Lost Ones. They must stop her murderer before it fulfills its goals: Terrorize. Consume. Destroy.

Do Not Weep For Me : Tony Tremblay

Synopsis: Goffstown, New Hampshire has seen its share of supernatural mayhem, murder, and monsters. With the banishment of the demon James Moore, some in the town believed their bloody past was behind them. The devil knows better.

For weeks, an old disabled woman hesitates then waddles past the window of the Goffstown News building. On the day she finally enters the office, she has one hell of a story to tell the editor, Manuel Chance, but there is a caveat to his publishing it. Manuel is skeptical of the bizarre tale and suspicious of her motives. When she removes her clothing to provide evidence for her story, his skepticism vanishes, but his suspicion grows when he hears the basis for her caveat. She wants Manuel to investigate her husband to determine if he is behind the disappearance of four local children.

As Paul Lane steps out of his home, uneasiness overwhelms him. While he’s distracted, his daughter Cindy asks to play on the swing set in the backyard. In the unguarded moment, Paul agrees, making it the biggest mistake of his life. After Cindy disappears without a trace, a woman approaches Paul with a similar story. Together, they wait for the return of their children. When the two girls are found and returned to their parents, relief turns to confusion after the two girls make an astonishing claim. Confusion turns to horror when they discover the children have brought someone else back with them.

A battered, bruised, filthy woman pulls her stolen Subaru into a parking lot across from The Goffstown Pawnshop. With two decomposing bodies in the back of the car, she has driven non-stop from the Midwest to procure an item from the pawnshop owner. Possessed, she will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Inside the shop, the owner and his assistant Rex notice the woman on a surveillance camera. When the three of them do battle inside the pawnshop, it will be the first volley in a war to decide who will rule in Hell.

Shaken from his conflict with the demon residing in The Moore House, the pawnshop owner in Goffstown had hoped for a reprieve from supernatural carnage. Instead, violence remains his only option when a possessed woman enters his shop demanding an item he is sworn to protect. Three who had assisted him in defeating the demon James Moore are pulled back into battle. They, along with three innocents sucked into this new vortex of evil, are the only ones preventing an overthrow of Hell. The problem for the pawnshop owner is, God isn’t the one on their side.

Kindle Vella. Stories told one episode at a time. Read the first three episodes for free. Get 200 free tokens when you sign up.

This Way to Heaven

As if their lives weren’t already hard enough, a zombie apocalypse has changed the world of four boys living on the hard edge of life. Trapped in the apartment building where they live, they will be forced to put aside their innocent ways and embrace the darkness that lives within all of us, if they hope to survive. It isn’t long before they learn the walking dead are the least of their worries as rivalries bubble to the surface within their small group.

In the basement they find a door unlike all the others. Beyond lies a place that offers a safety they’ve never known.

But what will it cost to enter?

Fridays 5 01/28/2022


This week I ask: In addition to writing, what else are you passionate about?

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Wednesday Lee Friday

A: Abnormal psychology, sociopolitical issues, carnivorous plants, mentoring young authors, all things horror.

Bio: Wednesday lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband and two crafty cats. She is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association, and also enjoys Shostakovich, Dexter, loom knitting, The Simpsons, crafty things, quality horror of all kinds, and kettle cooked potato chips. She covers TV and movies for 411Mania, sexy stuff at, and has done a ton of ghostwriting…though not about ghosts.

SJ Krandall

A: In addition to writing I am most passionate about my family. Family life is important to me and I enjoy spending time with my sons sharing their interests as well. I have also worked for many years with children so I advocate for students in need when given the chance.  Photography and art is another passion of mine and I will often be found working on various projects.  I have many passions and enjoy life to its fullest. 

Bio: S. J. Krandall is a horror author whose recent work was published in summer of 2020.  She was born in Florida but raised in New Jersey where she still resides with my husband, their two sons and two dogs. For more than twenty years she has worked with children with varying abilities as both a teacher and an aide. Now, a stay a home mom, she cares for her family and takes time to enjoy other interests. Her work in progress includes her second book to her series and a variety of short stories. 

Thad White

A: I follow Formula 1 pretty closely, and love reading classical history and fantasy. As well as being fascinating in its own right history makes it easier to understand the modern world, the context of events and to build a more coherent and realistic fantasy world for writing.

Bio: Thaddeus White is a pen name for someone else. He’s a Yorkshireman, and as well as being an avid fantasy reader/writer enjoys classical history. In addition to his fantastical writings, he offers tips on F1, with varying degrees of success.

David A Simpson

David A Sinpson Author Photo

A: Cars. I have entirely too many and I want entirely too many more. I do a bit of racing and have held a couple of world records. I seem meet up with car community guys a lot more often than I do the writing community folks.

Bio: David A. Simpson is an Amazon bestselling author of the Zombie Road and Feral Children series. He loves to travel and has a long list of places to visit on his bucket list. He likes weird things and will drive a hundred miles out of his way to see a weird sculpture made from junkyard parts or a Bonnie and Clyde Museum.

J.A, Russell

A: I am passionate about reading and horses. I own a beautiful white appaloosa mare named Whisper. It is because of her I put together a charity anthology called Scarlet Whispers, that benefits a local equine rescue called Hilltop Haven. I even board my horse there – at least until I find my new country home.

Bio: J A Russell is a horror writer, and publisher, living in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Her stories have appeared in anthologies by Brazen Snake Books, Static Movement, Wicked East Press, and Hidden Thoughts Press, just to name a few.
Her taste for the macabre has provided her imagination with a feast that fuels her writing and creativity. If you like horror, the bizarre, or you just don’t like to sleep at night, give her books and short stories a try.


Read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Before Christine’s father left for Iraq he won her a stuffed bunny at a roadside carnival, promising her that as long as she kept the bunny by her side, he would always be with her. A year after his death she and her mother move across the country to the small Maryland town of Porter Mines.

On its surface Porter Mines looked like the perfect place to raise her daughter. But old secrets lie restless beneath that innocent facade, and Christine becomes the target of a legend that is proving to be more fact than fiction.

Will her father’s love be enough to protect her from the wrath of an old witch’s vengeance?

Or will she fall prey to the curse of Porter Mines?

Get your copy HERE.

New This Week


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City of Saints and Madmen: A Novel (The Ambergris Trilogy Book 1) – Jeff VanderMeer

Synopsis: City of elegance and squalor. Of religious fervor and wanton lusts. And everywhere, on the walls of courtyards and churches, an incandescent fungus of mysterious and ominous origin. In Ambergris, a would-be suitor discovers that a sunlit street can become a killing ground in the blink of an eye. An artist receives an invitation to a beheading—and finds himself enchanted. And a patient in a mental institution is convinced that he’s made up a city called Ambergris, imagined its every last detail, and that he’s really from a place called Chicago . . .

By turns sensuous and terrifying, filled with exotica and eroticism, this interwoven collection of stories, histories, and “eyewitness” reports invokes a universe within a puzzle box where you can lose—and find—yourself again.

L is for Lycan (A to Z Horror Book 12) Anthology

Synopsis: L is for Lycans, the twelfth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a selection of thirteen frightening tales from some of the best independent horror authors of today. From bloody tales of revenge to experiments gone wrong, from the historical to the futuristic, L is for Lycans puts a spin on the traditional theme and will have you avoiding nights when the moon shines bright.

Paused : Stephanie Ellis

Synopsis: People are stopping, bodies halting regardless of situation or location. They are still alive but completely unresponsive, vulnerable statues utterly at the mercy of their environment. Unable to run from fire, some burn. Unable to return to shore, some drown. Unable to move from the path of a truck, some are crushed. Nor are you safe at home—unable to move, you starve.

Dr Alex Griffiths heads a research department in a university hospital. As more and more succumb to this strange affliction—including his own family—it becomes a race against time for his team to find an answer before they too are affected.

This Way to Heaven

How far would you go to survive? On the eve of the zombie apocalypse four boys witness the dawn of a new age. Trapped in the apartment building where they live, they will be forced to put aside their innocent ways and embrace the darkness that lives within all of us, if they hope to survive.

It’s not long before they learn the walking dead are the least of their worries as rivalries threaten to divide them. In the basement they stumble upon a door unlike the others.

What waits on the other side?

What will it cost to enter?

A Kindle Vella story told one episode at a time. Click on the image above to be taken to the story.

Fridays 5 01/14/2022


This week I ask: What is the hardest part of writing?

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Eric A Shelman

A: The hardest thing about being a writer is finding the right story. A story you’re not excited about will not inspire you to write.

Bio: Eric lives in southwest Florida with his wife, Linda. A fan of horror since he was young, he’s been writing since his teens. Growing up his room was filled with monster models, including The Wolfman, Dr. Phibes, Frankenstein’s Monster, and many others. His first novel, A Reason To Kill, was about a serial killer before he moved on to his true passion with The Witches of Laguna Beach. In 2009, after a 12 year hiatus, he wrote Dead Hunger. He currently has over 20 books to his credit, all but two of which are novels.

Thomas F Monteleone

A: Forcing yourself to do it every day… even on the days when you have other stuff you must do or don’t feel the urging of the muse.

Bio: Thomas F Monteleone has been a professional writer since 1972, and 4-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award. He has published more than 100 short stories in numerous magazines and anthologies. His stories have been nominated for many awards and have appeared in many best-of-the-year compilations.

Graham Masterton

A: Continuously thinking about plot developments night and day. The world inside a writer’s head is just as real as the world outside it.

Bio: Graham Masterton has published more than thirty-five horror novels and three short story collections: his debut novel, The Manitou, was an instant bestseller. He is an Edgar Award and Bram Stoker Award-winner and a World Fantasy Award-nominee. Born in Edinburgh in 1946, he lives in Surrey in England where he is currently working on his next horror novel. 

Phil Yang

A: Avoiding procrastinating. Persevering through difficulties and doubts in general of being a writer.

Bio: Phil currently lives in Florida and is a Stetson University graduate. In his free time, he likes to watch YouTube, surf the internet, play video games, eat new food, travel and take pictures.

Diane Johnson

A: The hardest part of writing for me is interruptions. Especially during the pandemic while in close quarters with family. People see you staring at a screen, fingers paused, and they think you’re not doing anything. Then they speak, and the thought is gone. You can’t explain this without offending someone. Nicholson had it right in The Shining.

Bio: Diane graduated from Binghamton University with a B.A. in Film Theory. She first embarked on her storytelling journey as a screenwriter, and she apologizes. She has a husband. And kids. And if this writing thing takes off, maybe she’ll invest in a dog. A rescue, of course!

Have you read The Locked Room?

Greed can drive a person to do some pretty crazy things. It drives Peter to ignore the warning signs in his quest to find out what lies behind the locked door on the third floor of the Warrnick Mansion.

Why would someone nail a door shut? Unless it was to keep something in. Driven by dreams of riches beyond measure Peter does everything in his power to get into that locked room.

What’s waiting behind that silent facade?

Read The Locked Room to find out.

The Locked Room

A kindle Vella read, stories told one episode at a time. Read the first three episodes for free. Get 200 free tokens when you sign up.

New This Week 01/10/2022


Captives and Prisoners: a Jen Rice novel – Shannon L Mayer

Synopsis: When Jen Rice witnesses the murder of a werewolf, she wants the culprits brought to justice. Soon, she discovers that people she thought she could trust will turn on her and allies can be found in the most surprising of places. When a demon-possessed psychic targets her for assassination, she must find a way to thwart his scheme before falling to his traps. Not only that, but the psychic isn’t the only demon-infested being with Jen in his sights.

It seems like everywhere she turns; danger waits in the shadows for a taste of her blood. With the help of her brother Patrick and Troy, her half-werewolf friend, she discovers that treacherous waters run deep and she will have to be fast on her feet if she wants to survive.

In a world where werewolves, vampires, and poltergeists are common, sometimes just being human can be the biggest challenge of all. 

Paused : Stephanie Ellis

Synopsis: People are stopping, bodies halting regardless of situation or location. They are still alive but completely unresponsive, vulnerable statues utterly at the mercy of their environment. Unable to run from fire, some burn. Unable to return to shore, some drown. Unable to move from the path of a truck, some are crushed. Nor are you safe at home—unable to move, you starve.

Dr Alex Griffiths heads a research department in a university hospital. As more and more succumb to this strange affliction—including his own family—it becomes a race against time for his team to find an answer before they too are affected.

The Haunting of Bridge Manor : Marc Layton

Synopsis: A mysterious manor, a dark history of death, and a young woman who must unravel the secrets… or die.

Rachel wants to start over and heal after a devastating injury. When her parents buy a creepy old manor on a lake, she’s wary at best. The home gives her the creeps and the neighbors seem to think the place is haunted. But ghosts aren’t real, right?

When strange things start happening, Rachel becomes determined to uncover the truth. What really happened at Bridge Manor?

The home’s brutal and twisted past only disturbs the girl further and inexplicable events begin to make her wonder if there’s truth behind the rumors. One thing’s for sure; there’s something very, very wrong with Bridge Manor. Is the apparition of the Lady on the Lake Rachel sees just a dream? Or are ghosts, in fact, real? Rachel must uncover the truth… before it’s too late.

This Way to Heaven

What secrets lie behind the door to room 19 in the basement?

Follow this link to find out, a Kindle Vella story. This Way to Heaven

New This Week 01/03/2022


I am so sorry for dropping the ball last year. Between Covid and a couple of health issues in the family I was unable to remain focused on getting my weekly posts up. Hopefully with the new year I’ll be able to keep up my end of the bargain. So without further adieu I give you this weeks new releases.

As always click on the cover for more info or to order.

Sinister Sacrament: The Soultyers Saga Book 1 – Jordan Gray

Synopsis: A restless ghost. A missing body. A killer with more than bloodlust on his mind…

Seth Clarke is a Soultyer, a psychic who has used his abilities to help the dead move on. Emily Bell is a ghost, the last victim of notorious ’90s serial killer, Harrison Kennedy. Unlike Kennedy’s other victims, however, Emily’s body was never found.

And she can’t pass on until she’s been put to rest.

With the help of a fellow Soultyer, a witch, and a deputy sheriff on the Bell cold case, Seth races to find Emily’s body and give her a proper burial. But Harrison—executed nearly thirty years ago, and now a vengeful spirit—thwarts them at every turn. And as Seth discovers, this killer’s plans are far more sinister than anything he ever committed in life.

Wadhurst Ghost Stories: James Ward

Synopsis: Could there really be a gargantuan snake, sleeping the sleep of the ages, somewhere beneath a hillock, just outside Wadhurst? And are there other, equally strange, beings ‘living’ (if we can really use that term) beneath the same earth? Was there once a spectacular magical ‘obelisk’ sited in a local field?

And, while we’re on the subject, who, or what, is ‘The Oilman’? Where did Dr Jenkinson’s mysterious machine come from? Who was Simon Francis Geffers? Did such a person ever really exist? And how can anyone possibly explain that ‘forty-foot wide spectre with teeth’ we still keep hearing about?

Demon House: The Haunting of Demler Mansion Penny Wright Book 3 – A. N. Willis

Synopsis: Demler Mansion has seen its share of darkness. In 1995, serial killer Edmund Demler set a fire there, ending his own life. A quarter century later, urban explorers break into the old ruin. They find a once-grand house now falling into decay—blackened walls, broken furniture, echoes that sound like voices.

Then something far more terrifying finds them.

After this latest tragedy, medium Penny Wright arrives to investigate. She’s now part of a team of para-sensitives—sent by the mysterious Mercury Group—charged with ridding Demler Mansion of its haunting. From her first moments inside the house, Penny suspects that the spirit of Edmund Demler has never left.

But the ghost is watching her, too. Luring her closer. Waiting for his moment to strike.

And once he claims her, Demler has no intention of ever letting Penny go.

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

After the loss of her husband, Susan sought a safe place to rebuild a life for herself and her six-year-old daughter, Christine. Quaint and picturesque, Porter Mines seemed ideal, but Susan soon learns appearances can be deceiving. 

Like many small towns, the history of Porter Mines was woven in a tapestry of dark secrets. One centered on a witch, who vowed with her dying breath to claim vengeance against those who wronged her. A ghost story rooted in grisly truth. 

Can Susan protect her daughter Christine from a wrath even death couldn’t tame?

Or will her only child fall prey to the curse of Porter Mines?

Vella Update.


I’ve just uploaded the 13th episode to my Kindle Vella story This Way to Heaven, and wanted to share a little taste of what you will find inside. The following excerpt comes from episode 13. When you don’t have time to sit down and read a whole book serialized fiction offers stories in bite sized chunks that can be read in a matter of minutes.

“Say cheese,’ Randy said as he brought the pipe around in a nasty arc. The tip clipped the side of Jimmy’s mother’s face, and her head was whipped around to the right, black blood spraying across the floor. The threaded tip had opened her cheek, removing most of the flesh, and shattering several molars. She appeared unfazed by the violence of his attack and swiveled her head back to look at him with impassive hunger.

Randy took a step back, his bravado collapsing in the face the woman’s lack of emotion. Having watched the popular zombie shows of the time he’d always imagined himself as one the heroic survivors wading through masses of the undead without thought. Now, face to face with one of these creatures, especially one wearing a familiar face, he found himself unable to carry through with what he knew needed to be done. Jimmy’s mom had always been nice to those around her. Even in her dealings with him, when she and her son first moved to the apartment, she had a kind word to share. Even when he was picking on Mr. Knowitall she never held a grudge against him. As if she knew what they were going through was all a part of growing up.

Unlike his own parents who were always distant, unable to show even the most basic of emotions for their only child. They never abused him physically, but emotionally was a different matter. He never lacked for anything save the most important thing, his mother’s love. He was jealous of what the other kids in the building had. Parents who gave a damn. Even Pete’s father, who was known to abuse him, or Robert’s dad whose verbal assaults were legendary. Deep down, where it really mattered, he knew they loved their kids.

The realization drove Randy into a murderous frenzy. It wasn’t fair! And he lashed out savagely, the only way he knew how. Jimmy’s mom had gotten to her feet, and he whipped the metal pipe around, lost in his fury, the vibration of the pipe striking bone numbed his fingers, but he maintained his grip, wading into the women like a dervish.

If you’d like to check out the story follow the link below. You can read the first three episodes for free, and you get 200 free tokens when you sign up. Tokens are used to open additional episodes beyond the first three.

Kindle Vella


I’ve dipped my toe into the Kindle Vella pool.

For those who have never heard of it, in a nutshell, Kindle Vella provides serialized stories to readers. Chapters are called episodes and a collection of episodes can be combined into a season, or a book.

The first three episodes of a season are free. Tokens can be used to purchase access to additional episodes. From what I’ve seen the cost of an episodes is tied to the word count. So an 1800 word episode would typically cost 18 tokens to access. Two bucks will get you 200 tokens. 5 bucks will get you 525, and so on up to 1700 tokens for 15 bucks.

In the first book of my post apocalyptic series This Lawless Land, Meat and his friends are captured by a cult of children who worship a creature that lives in the basement of their apartment building. I’ve always wanted to explore that group further, to delve into the events and motivations that brought them to that point in their life. But to do so in a single book would not be feasible. I played with the idea, even went so far as to start writing the book, but began to realize as I passed the 25,000 word point, that it was going to take more than one book to do the story justice. I wanted to start getting the story out there. I even considered posting a chapter a week here, but realized that wouldn’t be feasible. Then along came Kindle Vella

I’ve posted the first nine episodes of This Way to Heaven, with plans to post a new episode every week. Each episode will be between 1500 to 200 words. I hope you’ll follow along on this new journey. For those of you looking for book 5 of This Lawless Land, I’m working on it. I’m so sorry for the delay, but the past two years have been sort of weird for all involved and though I had all this time to work, I couldn’t seem to get focused on anything until lately.

Anyway, here’s the link to my Kindle Vella story, This Way to Heaven. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am writing it.