Vella Update.


I’ve just uploaded the 13th episode to my Kindle Vella story This Way to Heaven, and wanted to share a little taste of what you will find inside. The following excerpt comes from episode 13. When you don’t have time to sit down and read a whole book serialized fiction offers stories in bite sized chunks that can be read in a matter of minutes.

“Say cheese,’ Randy said as he brought the pipe around in a nasty arc. The tip clipped the side of Jimmy’s mother’s face, and her head was whipped around to the right, black blood spraying across the floor. The threaded tip had opened her cheek, removing most of the flesh, and shattering several molars. She appeared unfazed by the violence of his attack and swiveled her head back to look at him with impassive hunger.

Randy took a step back, his bravado collapsing in the face the woman’s lack of emotion. Having watched the popular zombie shows of the time he’d always imagined himself as one the heroic survivors wading through masses of the undead without thought. Now, face to face with one of these creatures, especially one wearing a familiar face, he found himself unable to carry through with what he knew needed to be done. Jimmy’s mom had always been nice to those around her. Even in her dealings with him, when she and her son first moved to the apartment, she had a kind word to share. Even when he was picking on Mr. Knowitall she never held a grudge against him. As if she knew what they were going through was all a part of growing up.

Unlike his own parents who were always distant, unable to show even the most basic of emotions for their only child. They never abused him physically, but emotionally was a different matter. He never lacked for anything save the most important thing, his mother’s love. He was jealous of what the other kids in the building had. Parents who gave a damn. Even Pete’s father, who was known to abuse him, or Robert’s dad whose verbal assaults were legendary. Deep down, where it really mattered, he knew they loved their kids.

The realization drove Randy into a murderous frenzy. It wasn’t fair! And he lashed out savagely, the only way he knew how. Jimmy’s mom had gotten to her feet, and he whipped the metal pipe around, lost in his fury, the vibration of the pipe striking bone numbed his fingers, but he maintained his grip, wading into the women like a dervish.

If you’d like to check out the story follow the link below. You can read the first three episodes for free, and you get 200 free tokens when you sign up. Tokens are used to open additional episodes beyond the first three.