New This Week: 03/01/2021


The Sins of the Past: Eric Butler

Synopsis: Once an ancient race of supreme beings ruled over the earth. Banished by the light centuries ago, one has returned. With the help of its disciples, it desires to plunge the world into a new age of darkness and horror.

Ephraim Godwin is searching for the truth about his family’s disappearance. After conventional ways failed, he turned to the world of spiritualism, only to discover it filled with charlatans and tricksters. As a known skeptic, Ephraim fights to shine a light on those who prey upon others as he searches for the truth.

As Ephraim attends another séance, he discovers not everyone is a fraud and is drawn deeper into the world of the supernatural. With the help of noted spiritualist Zona Whitlock and famed explorer Doctor Livingstone, he hopes to stop this evil from consuming the world.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies: Anthology

Synopsis: We all know the games. The ones we played as kids. The ones we all have fond memories of, crowded around a kitchen table with family, piled in the floor with friends around the tv, or standing in front of the flashing lights of an arcade game. The games that when we look back at our childhood, we have at least one memory of. But what if, those games turned sinister? What if they were real and out for revenge? In this story collection, the games are taking over and they’re out for blood.

The Occupation: W. J. Lundy

Synopsis: A world turned sideways by pandemics, war and debt. Nations make the extraordinary move from individual rule to corporate outsourcing. The change came quick, and not without controversy. Some complied, some just wanted to be left alone. 

When noncompliance becomes criminal one man finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

John Warren has sacrificed in his life but is now resigned to a quiet existence in a secluded home in Northern Michigan. All of that changes when he is falsely accused, with everything taken from him. Now John Warren will fight to prove his innocence and to save the Country he loves.

He can never go home, but he can still ensure his life amounts to something.

A Baptism for the Dead:  Charles Bernard

Synopsis: In the 19th Century American frontier, powerful forces gather to counterpoint the golden trumpet song of destiny.

Pursued into a landscape of death and madness, what can salvation mean?

Leonidas Pyburn and his heirs seek wealth and power in the west but are diverted by a strange and sinister encounter.

As journeys intertwine, fortune, fate, and fell circumstance combine to produce a rarefied tincture, rich with an identity belonging only to the Mountain West.