New This Week 08/30/2021


Soon the august heat will give way to cooler days. The days are growing shorter, the nights longer as we near the reaping season. In this week’s harvest are five new releases with something for everyone. Click on the cover for more info or to order.

Jedi Summer: John Boden

Synopsis: A boy and his little brother wander through the loosely stitched summer of 1983. It was a magical one. Full of sun and surrealism, of lessons and loss, and of growing up and figuring it out.

Nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania is a small town unlike any other. Things are strange here, always have been. People die but hang around, pets too. Everyone knows your name, and sometimes, a thing as simple as a movie coming to the local theatre is all it takes to keep you going.

Night Terrors 16: Anthology

Synopsis: An elderly farmer learns the horrifying truth beyond the phrase “True love never dies”. Something sinister lurks behind the distant eyes of a mother’s traumatized son. And a gravedigger slowly descends into madness, as he grows obsessed with the corpse of a little girl…

Scare Street’s latest collection shines a flickering candle on the terrifying forces of darkness that haunt our dreams. Death, madness, obsession… The darker side of the human psyche is revealed with each bone-chilling page of these fourteen macabre tales.

Come along on a journey into the eternal night. Delve into the secrets and mysteries that hide in the darkness, just beyond the light. They’re reaching out for you, grasping at your flesh, pulling you closer, whispering in your ear.

And once you give in to their siren song of shadows, there’s no turning back…

Featuring the following short stories:
1. Jelly by P. D. Williams
2. This New Creature by Georgia Cook
3. Stargazer by Laszlo Tamasfi
4. Ant Traps by William Presley
5. Sarah Jane by Don Gillette
6. My Dead Brother by Raymund P. Reyes
7. Metamorphosed by Ross S. Simon
8. It Happened on Sunday Street by Bryson Richard
9. The Delicate Sound of Music by Justin Boote
10. The Briefcase by K. C. Dunford
11. Something Juicy by Jon Clark
12. Charlie in the Attic by Russell Richardson
13. Prodigal Son by John Gallant
14. The Dreamcatcher by Ron Ripley and Kevin Saito

The Deer Kings: Wendy Wagner

Synopsis:  “Deer saints, darkness and the strangeness of family ties; Wagner effortlessly mixes football and folk horror in this terrifying new novel.” -Angela Slatter, award-winning author of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

In 1989, Gary Sheldon and his friends created their own saint.

In 2018, they discover it’s become a god.

Gary thought he’d escaped Kingston, Oregon, the town where his parents died and where, one tragic summer, he and a group of outcast teens turned to the supernatural to protect themselves from a deranged drug dealer. But when his wife lands her dream job as a high school principal, he is forced to return to his hometown.

As Gary reconnects with old friends and his son thrives on the football team, the past feels like a distant memory. But unsettling encounters and mutilated animals in the woods reveal that the Deer Saint is still at work. Now Gary must look into his past to find answers: Who is making sacrifices to the Deer Saint? And what do they want with his family?

Haunt : Anthology

Synopsis: Ghosts. The souls of the dead. Tied by gossamer threads—trapped between this world and the next, just beyond the veil.

Sometimes death isn’t the end. Sometimes it’s just the beginning.


Find the Child by B.F.Vega
Vacancy by Chris Bannor
One of These Days by Chris Hewitt
Judgement Call by Darlene Holt
Be With Me by David Green
The Girl by David Green
Freely Given by Eric Butler
Hide and Seek by Helen Merrick
No Man’s Land by J.M. Faulkner
Until Death by J.W. Garrett
The Well Spirit by Jay Alexander
Hangman’s Ledge by Jodi Jensen
Lost at the Crossroads by Kate Campbell
Oil Slick Eyes by Kimberly Rei
Morning Tea by L.J. McLeod
The Haunted Ones by Leanbh Pearson
The Promise by Lynne Lumsden Green
The Mineshaft by Lynne Phillips
The Thanksgiving Dinner by Lynne Phillips
Vandal by Maxine Churchman
Dessert by Patrick Winters
Witch ‘n Seek by Peter J. Foote
The Ghost Train by R.A. Goli
Love Me Dead by S.O. Green
Before and After by Sarah Jane Justice
The Viridian Hotel by Scott McGregor
The Last Train by Stephanie Scissom
Dressing Room Seven by Warren Benedetto
House of Whispers by Warren Benedetto

Palladiums Gate: Janet Joyce Holden

Synopsis: Clairvoyance isn’t a gift, it’s a curse, or so believes Rogan Moore, a troubled psychic in a desperate search for his sanity. Help arrives when he takes a job as caretaker of a magnificent old Victorian, the Rothe house. For despite its ancient lineage and potential for haunting, the house becomes the perfect sanctuary. It’s a place he can recover and while hiding behind its protective iron gate he can hardly believe his luck.

Except Rogan isn’t the only one under the house’s protection. New guests arrive. Lennox, a precocious and inquisitive young boy, and a tall, mysterious stranger named Jake who carries an inexplicable aura of menace. Rogan’s job becomes decidedly more complicated when the younger guest goes missing and the house shows its true colors. For beneath it lies another world, complex, fragile, sometimes deadly and saturated with myth and monsters—just waiting for those who can see things better than most.

Rogan is tested to the limit as he and Jake attempt a rescue. But will his enhanced perception help him survive? Or will he finally succumb to his nightmares?

A fantasy tale of adventure and dangerous alliances, Palladium’s Gate is the first in a series.


After the loss of her husband, Susan sought a safe place to rebuild a life for herself and her six-year-old daughter, Christine. Quaint and picturesque, Porter Mines seemed ideal. Susan soon learns appearances can be deceiving.

Like many small towns, the history of Porter Mines was woven in a tapestry of dark secrets. One centered on a witch, who vowed with her dying breath to claim vengeance against those who wronged her. A ghost story rooted in grisly truth.

Can Susan protect Christine from a wrath even death couldn’t tame?

Or will her only child fall prey to the curse of Porter Mines?