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The Shadow Dreams : J. Dispenza

Synopsis: A neophyte psychic. A horrifying premonition. A battle between destiny and those gifted few who can change it. High school has never been so rough.

When 16-year-old Ophelia Clark has a clairvoyant nightmare about a murder, Isra Kawn – a watcher for a mysterious order – comes to the picturesque southern town of Monroe to put the girl’s budding talents to the test.

Ophelia’s challenge will push her beyond her abilities and into harm’s way as she gathers clues from her terrifying dream to stop what is already in motion before it’s too late.

Monroe’s townsfolk are oblivious to the threat of death that could strike at any moment. But a newcomer psychologist, a county cop, a full-time mother, and a high school classmate soon find themselves in the crosshairs of fate. Each will give their own account of events as they become entangled in Ophelia’s mystical journey.

Will Ophelia prove she has what it takes to bend the future and save a life?

The Girl Who Didn’t Die: Ruby Jean Jensen

Synopsis: Waves of terror swept me as I huddled, cold and wet at the water’s edge. Over and over, the accident haunted me. The bridge—wet, slippery, so narrow. And then the fog—thick, condensing, coming from behind, then covering the windshield. Smothering me, blinding me. Oh, God, where’s the railing? Then blackness … and icy water lapping, lapping. The hunters who found me on the shore were puzzled. How had I escaped? My car was still under water, locked. I knew no answers, only that I must go on to the dark house I would use as a hunting lodge, to welcome the strong young men who would come as hunters and might stay as lovers.

Men, Women, and Ghosts: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward

Synopsis: “Men, Women, and Ghosts” is a short story collection by Elizabeth Phelps that deals with primarily the supernatural but also a whole host of topics never publicly addressed at the time. Apart from a few stories such as ‘The Day of My Death’, the ghosts here aren’t the stereotypical clanking chains and wailing type, they’re beleaguered, frustrated souls who have suffered great hardship. “One of the Elect” reads like a changeling story, but gradually becomes a tale dealing with sentimentality and the pains of prostitution. One of the strongest tales is ‘Kentucky’s Ghost’, an old sailors tale of bullying and revenge at sea combined with a compelling and gripping narrative.

Termination at the Halt: Ghost Train Murder Mystery: Yvonne Marrs

Synopsis: Discovery of the decades old skeleton somewhat throws restoration plans…

With a passion for ‘The Golden Age of Steam’, Mike Izzard decided “Bringing the Past into the Present” at Old Ghost Station Nast Hyde Halt must be done. Undertaking the four year renovation independently in 2015, it is little surprise this amassed him a worldwide following.

Tantalised by the tale, author Yvonne created Mike’s website about the St. Albans to Hatfield branch line. ( Realising this would make a great plot for her 40th book, Yvonne has weaved together a biographical story with paranormal goings-on, historical facts and fictional elements.

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