New This Week 09/13/2021


Trying a different approach this week with the product links. I hope it works out better. If you can’t see the links please let me know in the comments, along with what country you are from. Otherwise I’m going to assume everything is working all right. Thanks.

Floaters : Garrett Boatman

Synopsis: Fire and plague. Certainly no strangers to London Town. But when legions of living dead rise from the Thames’ fetid waters to feast upon the living, the city teeters on the brink of antihalation. And while floaters seek blood, another army takes advantage of the chaos. Boiling out of their rookeries of crime, marauders swarm through London’s affluent neighborhoods looting and burning.

Hooligans vs the Living Dead: A Victorian Zombie Adventure!

With the beleaguered police and the Queen’s army battling twin plagues—human and inhuman—London’s criminal youth gangs join forces to save their city. Will Tagget, leader of the Lambeth Lads, together with his enemies Bill Drummond of the Drury Lane Gang, bull-necked George Fish of the Elephant and Castle Gang, shillelagh-wielding Dirk Bogart of the New Cut Gang, Quincy Bird of City Road, along with their female counterparts—Lambeth Kate, Queen Jane, New Cut Beth, Razor Lil and Dirty Deidre—set out on an adventure the telling of which might earn a man a lifetime of free drinks. If he lives to tell it.

Will these violent gangs put aside their rivalries long enough to get the job done?

Spiritus Ex-Machina: G Allen Willbanks

Synopsis: Pulled from the edge of death, he wakes to find his mind has been preserved in a new body; a mechanical body that will never know pain, illness, or old age.

But it is much more than that.

Zander’s mind has been downloaded into the Spector, an experimental, self-aware, long-distance star ship. For now, he is little more than an observer on board, a ghost in the machine.

One day, if he can prove himself, he may be allowed full control over the ship. If not, he will be turned off and condemned to the Nothing.

Zander will do anything to avoid the Nothing.

The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror: Anthology

Synopsis: Welcome to a landscape of ancient evil . . . with stories by masters of horror Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, H. P. Lovecraft, M. R. James​, Ramsey Campbell, Storm Constantine, Christopher Fowler, Alison Littlewood, Kim Newman, Reggie Oliver​, Michael Marshall Smith, Karl Edward Wagner, and more!
The darkness that endures beneath the earth . . . the disquiet that lingers in the woodland surrounding a forgotten path . . . those ancient traditions and practices that still cling to standing stone circles, earthworks, and abandoned buildings; elaborate rituals that invoke elder gods or nature deities; the restless spirits and legendary creatures that remain connected to a place or object, or exist in deep wells and lonely pools of water, waiting to ensnare the unwary traveler . . .

These concepts have been the archetypes of horror fiction for decades, but in recent years they have been given a name: Folk Horror.
This type of storytelling has existed for more than a century. Authors Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, H. P. Lovecraft, and M. R. James all published fiction that had it roots in the notion of the supernatural being linked to objects or places “left behind.” All four writers are represented in this volume with powerful, and hopefully unfamiliar, examples of their work, along with newer exponents of the craft such as Ramsey Campbell, Storm Constantine, Christopher Fowler, Alison Littlewood, Kim Newman, Reggie Oliver, and many others.

Illustrated with the atmospheric photography of Michael Marshall Smith, the stories in The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror tap into an aspect of folkloric tradition that has long been dormant, but never quite forgotten, while the depiction of these forces as being in some way “natural” in no way detracts from the sense of nameless dread and escalating horror that they inspire . . .

Not of Us

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Every dark cloud has a silver lining, some silver linings harbor an even darker secret.

The crew of a downed B-29 comes face to face with harsh reality when they discover the south pacific island where they crash landed is home to a Japanese garrison. But the Japanese become the least of their worries when a wounded gunner is infected by an alien presence.

The pilot is confronted with a terrifying choice. Escape and risk infecting the rest of the world. Or stay and die.