New This Week 02/07/2022


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Ghost of a Marriage: Richard Dansky

Synopsis: There’s something in Gary’s house that doesn’t want him there.

Ever since his marriage fell apart, he’s been seeing things, things that everyone keeps on telling him aren’t there.

But Gary’s not just seeing things, and soon it’s more than his peace of mind that’s at stake—it’s his life.

Something in the Groove: Glenn Rolfe

Synopsis: Lee, an urban shaman, gets tasked with tracking down a vinyl copy of the Dark Light EP by the ’80s hard rock band, Bad Obsession. The extremely rare record is said to be cursed. Nearly every copy of the album burned in a fire at Tower Records in Los Angeles the day of its release. With only one remaining member of the band alive and living in a home for those battling Alzheimer’s, Lee must return to Maine, a place where he’s battled evil forces before, and see if he can retrieve the album.

Living her life on autopilot and working in an economy motel, Rhiannon is visited by a dark force she’s not felt in years. The evil is familiar but not quite what she remembered. This is something else. In over her head, she calls out for Lee, hoping her old friend can hear her.

Brought back together by a force beyond anything either has dealt with prior, Lee and Rhiannon must combat powers beyond their realm. The Master wants to come through, and should someone spin the crimson vinyl, that’s just what he’ll do. A portal is about to open, and the world is about to learn the true meaning of pain.

Something in the Groove is calling… Can you hear it?

The Airplane Haunting: Carrie Bates

Synopsis: Stay off of Flight 161.

Something bad happened on Flight 161 many years ago. Something that Tara is not aware of, and the flight from Chicago to Las Vegas is never a smooth one. Mechanical issues mysteriously appear, people mysteriously vanish on board, and passengers experience terror each time they board.

When Tara and pilot Parker uncover the evil that is terrorizing the plane, they must find a way to stop it before their, and their passengers’, lives are ended, and Flight 161 will go down in another horrid history.

This Way to Heaven

As if their lives weren’t already hard enough, a zombie apocalypse has changed the world of four boys living on the hard edge of life. Trapped in the apartment building where they live, they will be forced to put aside their innocent ways and embrace the darkness that lives within all of us, if they hope to survive. They quickly learn the walking dead are the least of their worries as rivalries boil to the surface within their small group.

As if that wasn’t bad enough they find out the basement is haunted by the ghosts of the past and a creature with a need to feed on their fear. Trapped between the terrors outside, and the fear within, their only hope lies behind a solitary door in the basement that seems to offer refuge.

But how high is the price to pass through?

This Way to Heaven

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