New This Week 09/06/2021


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Shattered Skies: Chris Miller

Synopsis: Taut as a guitar string. More relentless than time. Award-Winning author Chris Miller offers up ten tales of terror and suspense to crank up your anxiety in the way only he can.

Desperation, panic, worlds on fire, and much more.

Featuring a foreword by Patrick C. Harrison III and a story co-authored with M. Ennenbach, SHATTERED SKIES will leave you breathless, white-knuckled, and wanting more.

The Master of Suspense is at your service.

“Some books bring the horror. This one also brings the anguish, grief, desperation, despair, and a stark soul-hollowing terror. My nerves are not okay right now.”—Christine Morgan, author of Lakehouse Infernal.

Ravel: Cassidy Ward

Synopsis: During a summer visit to the family farm, Dennis reconnects with his oldest and best friend, Carol Ann. When Dennis is captured by a shadowy creature bent on unravelling the threads of reality, Carol Ann enters a realm of fractured memory to save him.

There, she uncovers the truth of Dennis’ family. All of the women of the Baker clan are Ravellers, knitting-needle-wielding sorcerers, of a kind, responsible for keeping all of existence intact.

More importantly, Carol Ann discovers her own power and untapped potential to manipulate the Skein.

Let me Out I’ve had Enough: Mark Matthews

Synopsis: Grief, depression, loneliness, suicide—these are true monsters who live under our bed. Prepare to be taken by the hand to explore the darkest of human emotions and fears. Stories about those of us who have had too much and cry out desperately for help, begging for relief, asking of anyone who might listen—Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough. The first collection of shorts from Mark Matthews, the author of novels such as Milk-Blood, The Hobgoblin of Little Minds, and the Shirley Jackson Award Nominated editor of Lullabies for Suffering.

Stories range from the most basic horrors to the most cosmic—A father dangling from a noose after an attempted hanging gone wrong. A psychiatrist haunted by the spirits of his dead ex-patients. An alien woman must contract a virus to save the human race, and a father must sacrifice his life to do the same. You’ll visit eight different worlds, created by the ‘master of modern psychological horror,’ and after you’ve returned to where you began, you’ll arrive completely safe, but certainly not the same.

*Content Warning for frequent mentions of suicide*
Includes the previously published work Body of Christ
Includes new fiction set within the world of the author’s novel: The Hobgoblin of Little Minds and multiple other pieces of never published before works.

Dates From Hell: Anthology

Synopsis: We’ve all had them, those special dates with someone brand new, someone who just might be the yin to our yang, that vital missing piece of our lonely heart…

So goes the eternal gamble, the endless game of romance roulette, in which we earnestly wear our hearts upon our sleeves in the thin hope of discovering our soulmate and lay bare our inner selves to find all-elusive true love.

But, for some, that potential soulmate can very quickly become the Devil in disguise, and, boy howdy, how attractive and inherently deceitful those nefarious facades can be!

Here, we deliver for your delectation twenty-one such tales – read them with caution, and thank all that is heavenly it’s not you on these particular Dates from Hell…

Not of Us

Their fight for freedom becomes a battle to save mankind.

The crew of a downed American B-29, trapped on a remote south pacific island, discover the Japanese are the least of their problems when one of them is infected by a creature from beyond the stars.