New This Week 01/03/2022


I am so sorry for dropping the ball last year. Between Covid and a couple of health issues in the family I was unable to remain focused on getting my weekly posts up. Hopefully with the new year I’ll be able to keep up my end of the bargain. So without further adieu I give you this weeks new releases.

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Sinister Sacrament: The Soultyers Saga Book 1 – Jordan Gray

Synopsis: A restless ghost. A missing body. A killer with more than bloodlust on his mind…

Seth Clarke is a Soultyer, a psychic who has used his abilities to help the dead move on. Emily Bell is a ghost, the last victim of notorious ’90s serial killer, Harrison Kennedy. Unlike Kennedy’s other victims, however, Emily’s body was never found.

And she can’t pass on until she’s been put to rest.

With the help of a fellow Soultyer, a witch, and a deputy sheriff on the Bell cold case, Seth races to find Emily’s body and give her a proper burial. But Harrison—executed nearly thirty years ago, and now a vengeful spirit—thwarts them at every turn. And as Seth discovers, this killer’s plans are far more sinister than anything he ever committed in life.

Wadhurst Ghost Stories: James Ward

Synopsis: Could there really be a gargantuan snake, sleeping the sleep of the ages, somewhere beneath a hillock, just outside Wadhurst? And are there other, equally strange, beings ‘living’ (if we can really use that term) beneath the same earth? Was there once a spectacular magical ‘obelisk’ sited in a local field?

And, while we’re on the subject, who, or what, is ‘The Oilman’? Where did Dr Jenkinson’s mysterious machine come from? Who was Simon Francis Geffers? Did such a person ever really exist? And how can anyone possibly explain that ‘forty-foot wide spectre with teeth’ we still keep hearing about?

Demon House: The Haunting of Demler Mansion Penny Wright Book 3 – A. N. Willis

Synopsis: Demler Mansion has seen its share of darkness. In 1995, serial killer Edmund Demler set a fire there, ending his own life. A quarter century later, urban explorers break into the old ruin. They find a once-grand house now falling into decay—blackened walls, broken furniture, echoes that sound like voices.

Then something far more terrifying finds them.

After this latest tragedy, medium Penny Wright arrives to investigate. She’s now part of a team of para-sensitives—sent by the mysterious Mercury Group—charged with ridding Demler Mansion of its haunting. From her first moments inside the house, Penny suspects that the spirit of Edmund Demler has never left.

But the ghost is watching her, too. Luring her closer. Waiting for his moment to strike.

And once he claims her, Demler has no intention of ever letting Penny go.

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After the loss of her husband, Susan sought a safe place to rebuild a life for herself and her six-year-old daughter, Christine. Quaint and picturesque, Porter Mines seemed ideal, but Susan soon learns appearances can be deceiving. 

Like many small towns, the history of Porter Mines was woven in a tapestry of dark secrets. One centered on a witch, who vowed with her dying breath to claim vengeance against those who wronged her. A ghost story rooted in grisly truth. 

Can Susan protect her daughter Christine from a wrath even death couldn’t tame?

Or will her only child fall prey to the curse of Porter Mines?