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My Ouija Boyfriend : David Irons

Synopsis: Kathy Waltz is a very lonely girl. Her mother died when she was fourteen – a careless hit and run. Her father, a policeman, was killed on the job. Now it’s just Kathy and her stepmom, Suzy.

Life can be cruel at times.

Kathy Waltz is a fortunate girl, however. She’s just turned Sweet Sixteen, and she’s found the one thing she’s always wanted: Love.

The only problem is … her new boyfriend is dead.

She gave him her heart, but he wanted … her soul.

My Ouija Boyfriend.

Falling in love has never been so frightening.

Conversations With Dead Serial Killers: Ashley Lister

Synopsis: “A clown can get away with murder.”
John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown.

Derek Turner makes his living as a psychic. But, when he makes his first genuine contact with the spirit world, it is an encounter that starts him on a pathway to holding conversations with dead serial killers.

Someone is recreating the most infamous crimes of the world’s sickest serial killers: including Jack the Ripper, BTK, Charles Albright and Ed Gein. Derek learns that it’s within his power to either profit from this situation or bring it to a needed conclusion and prevent further unnecessary deaths.

But profit can be a compelling argument.

Blending the reports from true crime stories with the lies from a professional psychic, Conversations with Dead Serial Killers explores the danger and obscenity that comes from glamourising murderers.

Mothman – Return to Point Pleasant: Scott Donnelly

Synopsis: Between November 1966 and December 1967, the small Appalachian town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia was stalked and harassed by a terrifying entity dubbed, The Mothman. The sightings came to an abrupt — and suspicious — end after the bridge that connected Point Pleasant to Ohio collapsed, killing forty-six people.

Over a half a century has passed since the tragedy in Point Pleasant, when Billy Slater and his mom move to the small town, blissfully unaware of the horrific things that have cast a dark cloud over the town to this very day.

But then, in one sudden gust of unimaginable horror, the close-knit community of Point Pleasant is thrust back into the same madness, chaos and nerve-shredding fear they suffered fifty-five years earlier. Inhuman screeches erupt in the night, glowing red eyes appear in the darkness, and the town is forced to face their demons once again. But this time things are different. Evolution is inevitable.

The MOTHMAN has returned.

The Beyond: Ken Brosky

Synopsis: Moon Song’s brother has gone missing in the town of Blackrock, Pennsylvania. Worried that her brother has slipped back into addiction and desperate for answers, Moon hires private investigator Ben Sawyer to help her uncover the truth. Together they discover what the people of Blackrock refuse to acknowledge: something terrible has happened inside the coal mine that defies all logical explanation, and it threatens the lives of every single person in town. Bodies are piling up at the funeral home, and many others have seemingly vanished.

Moon’s only hope of finding answers rests in the hands of a local professor who knows the mine’s horrible secrets. But the professor has problems of his own, and unless he can confront the creature that’s hunting him, Moon’s chances of making it out of town alive are darker than a seam of coal.

The Wayfarer House: Mitch Sebourn

Synopsis: Six years after he was sentenced to prison for beating a man to death with a guitar, Ryan LaFaye finds himself back at the scene of the crime: a quiet, unassuming house on the Arkansas River. Ryan’s goal is to settle in for a few weeks with his laptop and guitar and write an album that will reignite his career as a singer-songwriter. What better subject matter than the past he has to face, anyway?

But there is a malevolent spirit inside the house that has no intention of letting Ryan LaFaye leave with his life.

And that is only the beginning of the horror.


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Before Christine’s father left for Iraq he won a stuffed bunny at a roadside carnival, promising her that as long as she kept the bunny by her side, he would always be with her. A year after his death she and her mother moved across the country to the small Maryland town of Porter Mines.

On its surface Porter Mines looked like the perfect place to raise her daughter. Like many small towns, the history of Porter Mines was woven in a tapestry of dark secrets. One centered on a witch, who vowed with her dying breath to claim vengeance against those who wronged her.

A ghost story rooted in grisly truth. 

Will her father’s love be enough to protect her from a wrath even death couldn’t tame?

Or will she fall prey to the curse of Porter Mines?