New This Week 05/03/2021


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I is for Internet: Assorted Authors

Synopsis: I is for Internet, the ninth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a collection of thirteen unsettling tales from some of the most imaginative independent horror writers on the scene today. Each story takes a new look at the potential horrors of the online world, from stalkers to cyber-demons, artificial intelligence to predators. I is for Internet will plug you straight into the mainframe and have you desperate to pull the plug.

Bayou Whispers: R.B. Wood

Synopsis: Bayou Whispers, the latest thriller from horror writer R.B. Wood, is the story of no-nonsense New Orleans native, Jeannine LaRue, the sole survivor of her family after the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of the storm, she believed she’d been saved, but soon found herself held hostage and sexually exploited, rescued months later by sheriff’s deputy Curtis Jones.

Twelve years after Katrina, Jeannine is a new attorney who returns to New Orleans to save her old friend Curtis Jones—now a local thief and trafficker of stolen goods—after he is arrested for the murder of Jeannine’s captors, whose bodies have recently been found. But Jeannine discovers more than she bargained for when she uncovers a family history of dark voodoo magic and an unholy alliance with an ancient evil Haitian god.

Maya’s New Husband: Neil D’Silva

Synopsis: As heads of famous celebrities begin to roll, ritualistically beheaded by a secret cult and displayed in prime locations of the city, Maya Bhargava finds herself sucked into a quagmire of her inescapable past.

Still healing from her catastrophic marriage with serial killer Bhaskar Sadachari, Maya is no longer the same person. Bhaskar is dead, but his eerie presence lingers. At nights alone in bed, she still feels his carnal touch…

Now, as the mother of Bhaskar’s child, Maya finds herself in the most conflicted maternal relationship ever.

A widow and single mother, Maya finds herself surrounded by new men—a renegade policeman who shares deep secrets with her, an affable security guard whose eye never leaves her, a sage who is now an astute politician… Men never seem to leave her alone.

Will Maya be seduced into another toxic relationship? Will she find herself again at the vortex of the terrifying crimes in the city, which carry the mark of Bhaskar Sadachari?

Will she be able to protect herself and her infant from the demons of her past and present?

Telecomuting: L. Marie Wood

Synopsis: Working from home has its perks, being able to attend meetings in your pajamas chief among them. But when the house you occupy all day is empty – when the only voice you hear after work comes through television speakers, it can get a little old.

Unless you like it that way.

And Chris did like it that way.

… until the whispering started.

Telecommuting is a modern psychological horror story set in what could be your town, your street, your house. The lyrical slow burn is subtle; the terror in this tale sneaks up on you before you know it.

An endless night is closing in.

In a chaotic, post-apocalyptic world, an endless night is closing in, and only the strong will survive. In the midst of the turmoil, fourteen-year-old Meat, and his three closest friends, embark on a mission to rescue kidnapped children from the compound enslaving them.

Battling their way through treacherous terrain and immeasurable odds, the boys must learn to lean on each other if they hope to survive. Little do they know fate has far greater plans for them. For they represent the trinity, a symbol older than time itself, that keeps the darkness at bay.

They are three, bound by a fourth, destined to save mankind.

With time running out, and the cloak of eternal night descending, can the boys find a way to turn the tables on evil?

Or will they be the next to join the growing legion of the dead?