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City of Saints and Madmen: A Novel (The Ambergris Trilogy Book 1) – Jeff VanderMeer

Synopsis: City of elegance and squalor. Of religious fervor and wanton lusts. And everywhere, on the walls of courtyards and churches, an incandescent fungus of mysterious and ominous origin. In Ambergris, a would-be suitor discovers that a sunlit street can become a killing ground in the blink of an eye. An artist receives an invitation to a beheading—and finds himself enchanted. And a patient in a mental institution is convinced that he’s made up a city called Ambergris, imagined its every last detail, and that he’s really from a place called Chicago . . .

By turns sensuous and terrifying, filled with exotica and eroticism, this interwoven collection of stories, histories, and “eyewitness” reports invokes a universe within a puzzle box where you can lose—and find—yourself again.

L is for Lycan (A to Z Horror Book 12) Anthology

Synopsis: L is for Lycans, the twelfth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a selection of thirteen frightening tales from some of the best independent horror authors of today. From bloody tales of revenge to experiments gone wrong, from the historical to the futuristic, L is for Lycans puts a spin on the traditional theme and will have you avoiding nights when the moon shines bright.

Paused : Stephanie Ellis

Synopsis: People are stopping, bodies halting regardless of situation or location. They are still alive but completely unresponsive, vulnerable statues utterly at the mercy of their environment. Unable to run from fire, some burn. Unable to return to shore, some drown. Unable to move from the path of a truck, some are crushed. Nor are you safe at home—unable to move, you starve.

Dr Alex Griffiths heads a research department in a university hospital. As more and more succumb to this strange affliction—including his own family—it becomes a race against time for his team to find an answer before they too are affected.

This Way to Heaven

How far would you go to survive? On the eve of the zombie apocalypse four boys witness the dawn of a new age. Trapped in the apartment building where they live, they will be forced to put aside their innocent ways and embrace the darkness that lives within all of us, if they hope to survive.

It’s not long before they learn the walking dead are the least of their worries as rivalries threaten to divide them. In the basement they stumble upon a door unlike the others.

What waits on the other side?

What will it cost to enter?

A Kindle Vella story told one episode at a time. Click on the image above to be taken to the story.