New This Week 01/24/2022


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The Pale Horse : Michael Tyree

Synopsis: Welcome back to San Dismas. Take a trip through six tales of dread and heartache. A modern-day martyr is given a second chance at life as a vengeful avatar in The Psalm of Saint Jackie. An ex-politician learns to live with the ghosts of war crimes past in Survivor’s Guilt. In Cherrywood Hearts, a soon-to-be mother loses everything in one day of ill-fated luck but soon finds a new purpose in her journey through grief. She is thrown into an extraordinary situation where she must ask herself, how much would she sacrifice for the life of a child that is not her own? So come along if you dare, through stories of life. death, loss, closure, transformation, and finality, as we court the rider, of The Pale Horse.

San Dismas isn’t a place you’d want to visit, but you might find yourself there. When you do, pray you’re not in a Tyree story because you’ll find yourself trapped in a cataclysm of nightmares and collapsed dreams with nowhere to turn. The bastard son of Ballingrud and Barker, Tyree peels back the human layers of fear and is more than happy to examine what breaks us.
Robert P Ottone, Author of Her Infernal Name & Other Nightmares.

Beulah : Christi Nogle

Synopsis: Beulah is the story of Georgie, an eighteen-year-old with a talent (or affliction) for seeing ghosts. Georgie and her family have had a hard time since her father died, but she and her mother Gina and sisters Tommy and Stevie are making a new start in the small town of Beulah, Idaho where Gina’s wealthy friend Ellen has set them up to help renovate an old stone schoolhouse. Georgie experiences a variety of disturbances—the town is familiar from dreams and she seems to be experiencing her mother’s memory of the place, not to mention the creepy ghost in the schoolhouse basement—but she is able to maintain, in her own laconic way, until she notices that her little sister Stevie also has the gift. Stevie is in danger from a malevolent ghost, and Georgie tries to help, but soon Georgie is the one in danger.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea : Gord Rollo

Synopsis: Charter fishing boat captain, Miguel Santora, is an honest man who’s in serious trouble. He’s in over his head, owing money and allegiance to a slimeball mafia boss named Alberto Tonelli, who runs the shadier sections of Brooklyn with an iron fist. As payback, he’s forced to let Tonelli and his goons have access to his boat, the Amada Maria, to drop some of their enemies’ dead bodies into the Atlantic Ocean, chained to concrete cinder blocks.

Miguel’s life goes from bad to worse, as Tonelli and his massive henchman, Hugo Taft, show up unannounced, with yet another body in need of disposal. Only this time, the man destined to be tossed overboard is still alive. He’s been beaten and tortured, but he’s still breathing. Helping these thugs in the past was morally wrong, but Miguel knows that assisting the mobsters this time means becoming an accomplice to murder. But how can Miguel refuse Tonelli’s orders without becoming a casualty of these ruthless men himself?

Victor Matheson, the condemned man, is someone who harbors many secrets, and he’s far less helpless than anyone aboard the Amada Maria knows. Before finally being thrown overboard, chained to the heavy concrete block, he confides in Miguel that he is ‘undrownable.’ This revelation is only the beginning of a strange adventure that will see Miguel tested to the very limits of his sanity as he tries to uncover the truth of who this mysterious man really is. His search will take him from the docks of Brooklyn’s East River to the small coastal New England town of Newburyport, where a secret race of horrific creatures and a century’s old curse foretold in the fantastical stories of H. P. Lovecraft are preparing to unleash Hell on Earth.


Before Christine’s father left for Iraq he won her a stuffed bunny at a roadside carnival, promising her that as long as she kept the bunny by her side, he would always be with her. A year after his death she and her mother move across the country to the small Maryland town of Porter Mines.

Quaint and picturesque Porter Mines looked like the perfect place to raise her daughter. But old secrets lie restless beneath that innocent facade, and Christine becomes the target of a legend that is proving to be more fact than fiction.

Will her father’s love be strong enough to protect her from the wrath of an old witch’s vengeance?

Or will she fall prey to the curse of Porter Mines?

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New This Week 05/17/2021


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The Crucifixion Experiments: Gord Rollo

Synopsis: Jake Mercer’s life is spiraling out of control. As a criminal profiler and one of the senior homicide investigators in the Oakland Police Department, he’s spent the last twenty-five years getting inside the heads of killers and trying to understand the way they think. He’s the best at what he does, but constantly playing in the minds of madmen carries a heavy price, leaving Jake an out of shape, alcoholic loner suspended from active duty.


Another serial killer is prowling the streets now, a violent lunatic who’s making a game of nailing retired Catholic priests to trees and bridges and hydro poles around the city. Torture and murder isn’t enough, the predator experimenting with the bodies of his victims to further whatever diabolical plan only they seem to know.


Broken down or not, Lieutenant Mercer just might be the only man who can catch this killer before the frightened citizens of Oakland start to panic. Reinstated back onto the force and trying his best to stay out of the bottle, Jake finds himself teamed up with two rookie detectives in what will be his most difficult case ever, and quite possibly his last.

Night Terrors and Other Tales: Lisa Morton

Synopsis: An abused child finds comfort in the friendship of Frankenstein’s monster…a near-future Halloween party becomes an act of global terrorism…one of the world’s wealthiest men goes in search of his fate as he rots from within…Hans Holbein’s famed “Dance of Death” engravings are revealed to be an instruction manual…a man trapped on an isolated road confronts both a terrifying creature and the legacy of his tough-as-nails grandfather…

Night Terrors and Other Tales is the first major collection to gather together twenty of Lisa Morton’s finest short stories (chosen by the author herself). During a career that has spanned more than three decades, she has produced work that has been hailed as “consistently dark, unsettling, and frightening” (the American Library Association’s Readers Advisory Guide to Horror).If you’ve never encountered Lisa Morton’s work before, you’ll find out why Famous Monsters called her “one of the best writers in dark fiction today.” If you’re already a fan, this collection will offer up a chance to revisit these acclaimed and award-winning stories. You’ll also find a new story here, written just for this collection: “Night Terrors” reveals ordinary people trying to cope with extraordinary and terrifying dreams that have spread like a plague.

Before He Wakes: Mark Allen Gunnells

Synopsis: Patrick and Clare wake up trapped in a basement, a thin wall separating their cells. Their captor is mysteriously absent, which at first seems like a blessing. As more time passes with no food or water, they begin to realize a clock is ticking for their survival.

Six: Mark Cassell

Synopsis: From Mark Cassell, author of the Shadow Fabric mythos, comes SIX!
Featuring a variety of dark tales, from the sinister to the outright terrifying, this unique collection is a must for horror readers everywhere.
Includes the stories Skin, All in the Eyes, In Loving Memory, The Space Between Spaces, On Set With North, and Don’t Swear in Mum’s House.