Fridays 5 02/11/2022


This week I ask the authors: What is the hardest part of writing?

Clicking on the authors name will take you to their website or amazon author page.

Lisa Marie Wood

A: Interestingly enough, the writing itself (the crafting of the tale) isn’t hard to me. It can be challenging, sure, and it’s not without its ups and downs, but hard is not a label I would place on the process. The hard part about writing comes later – when I have to put together back cover copy or overviews or – shriek! – marketing copy. Condensing the behemoth of a novel down to 150 words… that’s where the difficulty lies! 

Bio: L. Marie Wood is an award-winning psychological horror author and screenwriter. She won the Golden Stake Award for her novel The Promise Keeper. Her screenplays have won Best Horror, Best Afrofuturism/Horror/Sci-Fi, and Best Short Screenplay awards at several film festivals.Wood’s short fiction has been published widely, most recently in Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire and Bram Stoker Award Finalist anthology, Sycorax’s Daughters.

Marc Todd

A: Time -finding the right time. Some days the ideas and the writing are synched perfectly. But there are days when the ideas are there but the writing is laborious, or vice-versa, I’m in the mood to write but have no inspiration. With working full-time and a busy social and family life, finding the right time where that synchronicity of ideas and ability merge is sporadic. Even if I were to set aside time, I don’t think it would work. Everything needs to come together perfectly for me to be truly productive. During the pandemic I was able to find more time – thus my book was completed.

Bio: Marc Todd is the writer and author of the thrilling horror novel ‘Chains’ (released in March 2021). He was raised and still resides in the Niagara Region, in southern Ontario Canada. Twice a year, in early spring and fall, he and a varied collection of friends enjoy portaging the northern Canadian woods of Algonquin, Killarney, Temagami, and the French River.

Lee Andrew Taylor

Lee Alan Taylor Author Photo

A: The editing for me. I could never END a story. I would edit, edit, edit, edit and every edit I would change things in the story. It was so frustrating not letting GO…But now I try to edit no more than three times.
Bio: Lee Taylor was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK, in 1969. He moved to Bedworth, Warwickshire at the age of 9. All his life he’s had a passion for creating things, whether it was new games to play with family and friends, drawing, or creating a story.

Mike Sherer

A: Promotion. I do not enjoy it. I’d rather be writing.
Bio: I live in the Greater Cincinnati area of southwest Ohio. My screenplay ‘Hamal 18’ was produced in Los Angeles and released direct to DVD. My paranormal suspense novel ‘A Cold Dish’ was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction. I have also published 4 novellas (including Under a Raging Moon) and 18 short stories.

Eric A Shelman

A: The hardest thing about being a writer is finding the right story. A story you’re not excited about will not inspire you to write.

Bio: Eric lives in southwest Florida with his wife, Linda. A fan of horror since he was young, he’s been writing since his teens. Growing up his room was filled with monster models, including The Wolfman, Dr. Phibes, Frankenstein’s Monster, and many others. His first novel, A Reason To Kill, was about a serial killer before he moved on to his true passion with The Witches of Laguna Beach. In 2009, after a 12 year hiatus, he wrote Dead Hunger. He currently has over 20 books to his credit, all but two of which are novels.

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