Fridays 5 05/21/2021


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This week I ask: What is the hardest part of writing?

Dave Wimset

Dave Wimset author photo

A: The first draft when I have to start with nothing and create the initial story and characters. Once that is down, the second, third and so on drafts are much easier.

Bio: David A. Wimsett’s stories contain female and male characters who examine themselves and their place in the world. He is the author of the women’s fiction novel Beyond the Shallow Bank and The Carandir Saga, an epic fantasy series consisting of Dragons Unremembered, Half Awakened Dreams, and Covenant with the Dragons.

He is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Canadian Freelance Guild and the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia where he sits on the Writer’s Council. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada near the sea.

SJ Krandall

A: The hardest part of writing for me is editing. Editing is a must and I have editors that are very helpful. It is the time when I get to add all the details which is the fun part. However, it is a long repetitive process and it takes time involving many rewrites. 

Bio:  S. J. Krandall is a horror author whose recent work was published in summer of 2020.  She was born in Florida but raised in New Jersey where she still resides with my husband, their two sons and two dogs. For more than twenty years she has worked with children with varying abilities as both a teacher and an aide. Now, a stay a home mom, she cares for her family and takes time to enjoy other interests. Her work in progress includes her second book to her series and a variety of short stories. 

Mike Sherer

A: Promotion. I do not enjoy it. I’d rather be writing.

Bio: I live in the Greater Cincinnati area of southwest Ohio. My screenplay ‘Hamal 18’ was produced in Los Angeles and released direct to DVD. My paranormal suspense novel ‘A Cold Dish’ was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction. I have also published 4 novellas (including Under a Raging Moon) and 18 short stories.

Pete Mesling

A: It’s all hard. No single aspect of it is easy. But the pleasure it brings can be great. In fact, the pleasure has to outweigh the difficulty, I think, or you won’t last very long in this discipline. It takes too much from you, demands too many sacrifices, to be undertaken without joy.

Bio: Pete Mesling has published poetry and fiction widely, including two highly regarded horror collections, a book of poetry, and a novel of intrigue and suspense. Other publishing highlights include All-American Horror of the 21st Century, the First Decade: 2000 – 2010 (Independent Legions Publishing); Survive the Night: Three at Dusk, Two at Dawn (forthcoming from Dark Regions Press); Shallow Waters, Vol. 3 (Crystal Lake Publishing); and two of the Poetry Showcase anthologies put out by the Horror Writers Association. Mesling is the official Clive Barker proofreader for Gauntlet Press.

Phil Yang

A: Avoiding procrastinating. Persevering through difficulties and doubts in general of being a writer.

Bio: Phil currently lives in Florida and is a Stetson University graduate. In his free time, he likes to watch YouTube, surf the internet, play video games, eat new food, travel and take pictures.

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