Fridays 5 05/14/2021


This week I ask: How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?

Click on the authors name to be taken to their website or amazon author page.

Lisa Marie Wood

A: Elated. Accomplished. Like I had taken the title for “most amazing moment” for one second in time. Seriously, there is nothing like holding your finished work in your hands, printed, and published. To call it joyful is simply not enough.

Bio: L. Marie Wood is an award-winning psychological horror author and screenwriter. She won the Golden Stake Award for her novel The Promise Keeper. Her screenplays have won Best Horror, Best Afrofuturism/Horror/Sci-Fi, and Best Short Screenplay awards at several film festivals.Wood’s short fiction has been published widely, most recently in Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire and Bram Stoker Award Finalist anthology, Sycorax’s Daughters.

Lee Andrew Taylor

Lee Alan Taylor Author Photo

A: That is a tough one also – It’s hard to get excited for me when a publisher wants to publish my work. I think I had three publishers who took on my first novel. The first one ended up to be a waste of time. A wannabe publisher that was just a bunch of self-published authors with a TITLE to get attention. It was the same for the others. They wanted 70% to just advertise my novel on their website. No marketing of my work. I can do more than what they did being a self-published author and get the 70%…

Bio: Lee Taylor was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK, in 1969. He moved to Bedworth, Warwickshire at the age of 9. All his life he’s had a passion for creating things, whether it was new games to play with family and friends, drawing, or creating a story.

Eric A Shelman

A: At the completion and release of my first full-length book, it was a major milestone … a hump that once you’re over, the floodgates open and the next and the next are easier.

Bio: Eric lives in southwest Florida with his wife, Linda. A fan of horror since he was young, he’s been writing since his teens. Growing up his room was filled with monster models, including The Wolfman, Dr. Phibes, Frankenstein’s Monster, and many others. His first novel, A Reason To Kill, was about a serial killer before he moved on to his true passion with The Witches of Laguna Beach. In 2009, after a 12 year hiatus, he wrote Dead Hunger. He currently has over 20 books to his credit, all but two of which are novels.

Diane Johnson

A: I was nervous with my first publication. I’m sure everyone is. I’m not good at self-promotion, and it was a self-published book, so there’s a little bit of a stigma with that. Imposter syndrome is real! But I was also excited to get that first book out there, to have something finished and in my hands.

Bio: Diane graduated from Binghamton University with a B.A. in Film Theory. She first embarked on her storytelling journey as a screenwriter, and she apologizes. She has a husband. And kids. And if this writing thing takes off, maybe she’ll invest in a dog. A rescue, of course!

Alice Sobo

A: Ecstatic! I think it was an essay for a local free magazine – small beans in the writing world – but it was a thrill. I snatched a ton of copies and mailed them to all my friends.

Bio: Alice Sabo is the author of character driven stories in post-apocalyptic, space opera, fantasy, and mystery series. Across genres, her characters deal with trying to make positive choices in difficult and often dangerous situations. Whether seeking lost cultures in an unforgiving galaxy or finding a murderer on the streets of LA, her books have strong world building, multi-layered characters, and a satisfying culmination.

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