This week in Horror 2/1/2021


Family Solstice by Kate Maruyama

The Massey family loves their house. It’s been in the family for generations, and the land on which it sits has been with them even longer. In the summer everyone comes through to visit and the house is alive with family friends, barbecues and lobster boils. But come fall, the mood shifts as all of the kids start training for their turn in the basement.

Shea, the youngest Massey is training extra hard. She’s thirteen and that means this is her year to battle on Solstice. Her older siblings won’t tell her exactly what’s in the basement, you don’t know until you’re fighting it. She’s excited finally to be in the know.

She does know that whatever happens in the basement every December 21 makes it possible for the Masseys to spend the rest of the year enjoying their home and all that it brings. It is her family duty.

But something about this year is different. Mama’s extra quiet this fall, and the house is breathing early.

Beyond Rainbows by L.C. Mortimer

Tiffany Erickson is nobody special.

She’s just an ordinary person trying to live an ordinary life, but that’s nearly impossible when you live in a world ravaged by the undead. She roams through the free realms, hiding and living in the shadows of the impossible cities, until one day, everything changes.

A lost child.

An unimaginable note.

A plea for help.

Tiffany has a choice to make, but no matter what she chooses, she’s about to discover that she can no longer stay hidden in the shadows as the world rots away.

She has to fight, but it could cost her everything.

Outside by Artyom Dereschuk

The town has been evacuated.

Strange beasts roam the streets outside.

Our only choice is to wait for the rescue… But will it come?

Yuri – a young man from a backwater Russian town – wakes to find the doors to his crumbling apartment complex welded shut… from the inside.

Before anyone can make sense of it, something not from this world kills a postman stranded on the other side of the door. And when the town’s old evacuation sirens begin to blare, Yuri and everyone else in the building realize an impenetrable door could be the least of their worries. In fact, it could be the only thing standing between them and the otherworldly creatures roaming the now deserted streets outside…

Someone in the building knows what’s going on. Now, it’s up to Yuri to figure out who it is, what they know, how these events are linked to their town’s past, and how to lead everyone to safety – before the threats lurking outside find their way in.

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